Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Win Tickets to the Eraserheads Concert

Have you heard this exciting news? Due to insistent public demand and the loud clamor of their fans, the Eraserheads will be reuniting once more in a concert on March 7 dubbed as the “Final Set”.

Ely Buendia, Buddy Zabala, Markus Adoro and Raymund Marasigan will finally settle their unfinished business with their fans last August 30, 2008 in a reunion concert which abruptly ended due to Ely's health problems.

The announcement of "Final Set" is certainly good news for the fans who missed the first reunion concert. Ely is ready and assured the fans that they would finish the concert this time around.

Also known as the E-Heads, the band is one of the most successful, critically-acclaimed, and significant bands in the history of Original Pinoy Music (OPM), earning them the accolade, "The Beatles of the Philippines." By fusing different musical styles such as alternative, pop, rock, reggae, and synthpop the Eraserheads helped change the sound of Pinoy rock.

And even more exciting is this MTV Asia contest where you can win tickets to the most anticipated music event of the year! Read on for more details!


Tickets to the 07 March 2009 concert "Final Set" (Mall of Asia Concert Grounds)




1. First, you must have an account at MTV Philippines. If you don't have an account yet, register here.

2. With your username and password, log-in at the MTV Philippines site and go to this promo page.

3. Answer the question: "What is the title of the Eraserheads concert?"


04 March 2009


  1. thanks for this update. yup, i joined the contest with the hope of winning!!! hehehe..

  2. ako din nag reg.. sana manalo ahahahha