Saturday, February 14, 2009

Write a Novel and Win $10,000 + Trip to Hongkong

Started in 2007, the Man Asian Literary Prize aims to bring exciting new Asian authors to the attention of the world literary community, facilitate publishing and translation of Asian literature in and into English, and highlight Asia's developing role in world literature. Last year's prize was won by a Filipino writer, Miguel Syjuco, who submitted the novel novel Ilustrado, a fictional account of a young Filipino caught within a notorious scandal spanning over the Philippine history.

Will another Filipino win the Man Asian Literary Prize this year? Give this writing contest a shot and who knows, you might become a literary superstar!


US$10,000 to the winning author

Authors of shortlisted works will be invited to attend the awards ceremony in Hong Kong. The Prize will cover the cost of transportation to and from the author’s country of residency and accommodations while in Hong Kong.


1. You must be an author of 18 years of age or older who is both a citizen and resident of
an Asian country or territory for you to join the contest.

2. Submitted work must be in English and submitted through the Prize’s website
( no later than 31 March 2009 in .txt, .doc, .rtf or .pdf format.
3. Submissions must use 1½ or double spacing and have margins of at least 2cm (.8 inches) on all sides.

4. Works must be original and submitted by the author. Partial submissions of 10,000 or more words will be accepted by 31 March. (However, a complete submission must be made by 1 August 2009 or the work will not be considered.)


31 March 2009
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