Friday, November 21, 2008

Launch of Pinoy Contests Is A Bright Spot Amidst Global Financial Crisis

As the effects of the global financial crisis are being felt more and more by ordinary consumers, there has been great need for a site that gives people information about contests, promos and freebies. Filipinos can now put a smile on their face amidst all the economic gloom with the timely launch of Pinoy Contests, a new blog which can be viewed at

The site features online competitions that residents in the Philippines can enter for them to win prizes, freebies and giveaways. With the ongoing slowdown, people are motivated to hunt for promos and prizes, and Pinoy Contests serves as a useful resource for them in this regard.

New content is added to the blog each day for visitors to be updated with the latest competitions that they can join. As an occasional bonus, helpful tips will also be given for them to improve their chances of winning.

The launch of the blog coincides with the release of MasterCard’s survey results indicating that 70% of consumers in the Asia-Pacific region are more inclined to cut back their spending on discretionary or non-essential items, in light of the worldwide financial crisis. A recent survey by Pulse Asia also determined that 67% of Filipinos are expecting hard times in the coming year.

Thus, visiting sites such as Pinoy Contests where one can win prizes and get freebies seems very attractive and rewarding indeed.

[Photo credit: Tamae Shioguchi / Getty Images]


  1. Hey, you've got something interesting here. My site's somehow from that same standpoint as yours. If you have spare time, read our site rationale. :D

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  3. Just so you know, I'll add you to our recommended links, especially since you offer freebies here in your site. I'm even planning to feature & review you on our blog one of these days if you don't mind. I'll just holler you by that time.

  4. Hi Tiago, that sounds great! I really appreciate it. Looking forward to your review!