Saturday, November 29, 2008

Saturday Special -- Win $1,000 in Cash + $5,000 for the Charity of Your Choice

Dot com mogul John Chow is holding a new contest, giving away a whopping total of $6,000 in CASH! $1,000 will go to the winner and $5,000 will be given to the charity of his/her choice.

If I win, I would give the $5K to the Virlanie Foundation, a charity that seeks to improve the lives of impoverished Filipino children. Homeless children have become a common sight in the streets of Manila, and Virlanie Foundation aims to reach out to these children, giving them a better future. In case I win, I would put the $1K into my savings account.

The contest is being sponsored by is a tiny url service that shortens any atrociously-long-and-needlessly-complicated URL into a short URL. Ain't that sweet? It's very straightforward and useful. If you're sick and tired of posting kilometric URLs, then you must try Sign up for an account and check it out!


$1,000 for the winner
$5,000 for the charity of the winner's choice


1. First, sign up for an account at
2. Write a post in your blog linking back to John Chow's contest. Your post must include the name of the charity that you're playing for, what you'll do with $1,000 and a review of
3. Once your post is ready, send a trackback to John Chow's contest post. Alternatively, you can enter the URL of your post in the comments section here.


24 December 2008

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