Friday, November 28, 2008

Win an All Expense Paid Trip to Boracay with Your Barkada

Wouldn't it be amazing to win a trip to Boracay with your barkada AND have your group picture printed on soda cans? It's fame and fun, all rolled into one! Join Pepsi's 'Kada Can promo and get the ultimate bonding experience with your closest friends.


“The People’s Choice Barkada” (barkada with the highest number of total online and mobile votes) will win an all expense paid trip to Boracay.
The top 5 barkadas with the highest number of votes will get their pictures printed on limited edition Pepsi cans.
Three (3) online voters and three (3) mobile voters will win one digital camera each after an electronic raffle draw.


1. Upload your barkada photos here. Follow the requirements for your barkada to be qualified to the promo.
2. Alternatively, get your barkada picture taken at the Pepsi ‘Kada Can booth. See the schedule here.
3. All barkadas must have 3-6 members.
4. Uploaded photos will undergo screening by Pepsi and upon approval, will appear on the website after 3-4 days.
5. Vote for your favorite barkada online by registering on the site or via mobile by texting PEPSI VOTE to 2861.


19 December 2008 for the submission of barkada photos
20 January 2009 for the voting period

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  1. awww, this one is good,but my barkada has 7 members! hahaha