Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Win $1,000 or $500 in Cash

Edit: I am removing all the links to Tech Ravings because SBA has informed me that Tech Ravings a.k.a. Aditya is a scammer. Beware of scammers like him! You can read the full details here:

Written by a technoholic from India, Tech Ravings is a useful blog that discusses the latest technology, search engine optimization and other subjects that are important for a blogger. It's full of helpful tips, made all the more astonishing considering that it's written by a 15-year-old named Aditya. How precocious!

The site includes loads of blogging resources that you can refer to if you're in need of guidance on how to improve your blog and increase your earnings. Tech Ravings pays particular attention to Search Engine Optimization, which is a vital aspect in generating traffic for your site. I've read Aditya's articles about SEO, and they're quite straight-forward and sensible; I'll certainly be implementing some of his suggestions.

Overall, it's an interesting blog that you should definitely visit. And with his contest that will let you win $1,000, the incentive of going to Tech Ravings is surely big! Read on for more details!


One winner of $1,000 in PayPal Cash
Two winners of $500 in PayPal Cash


1. Leave a comment on any of the posts on the blog, and subscribe to the RSS feed via email.

2. Write a blog post about, as well as the site's writing/blogging contest. The blog post should be at least 250 words long and contain a link back to with the anchor text “blogging resources” or "tech ravings" or "search engine optimization" or "latest technology" and a link back to the Blog Contest post.

3. After the above two steps, leave a comment on the contest page with your correct e-mail address and the url where you have reviewed

4. Only blogs that were started on or before 15 December,2008 are eligible for this contest and should have a minimum of 12 posts.

5. Winners will be selected randomly from the valid entries.


19 January 2009


  1. The contest was a fraud- read this post:
    He has just deleted the entire post but I had saved your link.

  2. Hi SBA, thanks for your thorough investigation. I have deleted the links to this scammer.