Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Win Paper Products from Papemelroti

Don't you just love Papemelroti? I used to frequent this chain of shops A LOT when I was younger and I've always found their stuff charming. Over the years, Papemelroti has touched countless lives through its unique and quirky designs. They have a wide variety of products that help encourage, uplift, and inspire, as well as bring warmth and beauty to homes.

Papemelroti's Multiply Page is offering a raffle where you can win the Papemelroti Drama Pack--a set of paper products with the matching drama cover theme, all made from 100% unbleached recycled paper! Read on for more details!


Papemeroti Drama Pack which consists of two kraft notebooks, one pad with matching box and one Have a Wonderful Life paper pack, 47 cards of every day good things to do to add more joy to life


1. Head over to this page. Leave a comment on at the end of the post.
2. Be sure that you have a Multiply account and leave a working e-mail address in your comment.


12 February 2009

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