Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tuesday Treat -- Win a Samsung M3510 phone and Php10,000 in cash

Fancy yourself as a musician or composer? It's time to put your musical skills to good use as Samsung launches a Make Your Own Tone Contest! You simply have to create and upload your ring tone compositions at www.samsungliveloud.com --and who knows, you might win an amazing phone plus a cash prize that will have you singing in delight!


Three winners from each genre (JAZZ, POP, ROCK and REGGAE) will win a Samsung M3510 phone and Php10,000 in cash
One additional winner from each genre (JAZZ, POP, ROCK and REGGAE) will appear on MTV’s Gimme 10!


1. You must register first as a member of Samsung Live Loud before you can submit your entries.
2. You can create your ring tone in two ways:
3. You can join the contest in two ways:

a. USE THE ONLINE RINGTONE MAKER TOOL at www.samsungliveloud.com:
  • This tool allows you to choose from 4 music genre beats: JAZZ, POP, ROCK, and REGGAE
  • You can then build on these basic beats by using any of the available implements: BASS, GUITAR, DRUMS, and EFFECTS
  • Once you are done, save your composition and upload it by following the instructions on the website
  • If you are musically inclined, you can record your original composition on your own and upload it at www.samsungliveloud.com
  • Each ring tone composition should be no longer than 45 seconds in length and saved as either WAV or MP3 files
  • If vocals are present, the lyrics must be clear and non-offensive. Entries with offensive content will automatically be disqualified
  • Filenames should be saved as NAMEOFTONE_YOURNAME.MP3 or NAMEOFTONE_YOURNAME.WAV. (Ex. RockLoud_JohnJose.mp3 or RockLoud_JohnJose.wav)
4. Every time you upload a ring tone, you receive a confirmation email through your registered email address. Each confirmation email will have a unique security code to ensure that it is authentic.
5. These confirmation emails will serve as your entry coupon for the contest. If you win, these will be one of the requirements in order to claim your prize.
6. If your ring tone is chosen to be one of the lucky winners, you will be informed through a notification email sent to your registered email address and a registered mail.


09 January 2009

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  1. when will they release the complete list of winners??