Saturday, December 6, 2008

Win an Instant Prize at Max's Restaurant

From the previous post which stirred some controversy in the comments section, we move on to a promo that's wholesome and family-friendly involving a...chicken! Max's Restaurant, which calls itself "the house that fried chicken built", is offering a free treat if you hear a rooster crowing inside the restaurant. Sounds good? Read below for more details!

INSTANT PRIZE can be any of the following:

Regular Whole Chicken
Pancit Canton Regular
Max’s Corner Bakery Gift Pack 1 (5 assorted cake rolls)
Max’s Corner bakery Gift Pack 2 (assorted pastries-caramel bars, polvoron etc.)


1. All dine-in and take-out customers of Max's Restaurant with an order inclusive of Lipton Iced Tea or any Pepsi product at the time of the rooster’s crow are valid winners.
2. Once they hear the rooster’s crow at any Max’s Restaurant, all dine-in and takeout customers automatically win an instant prize.
3. 1 prize per transaction.


31 December 2008

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