Friday, December 19, 2008

Win a Belle De Jour Planner

Sorry this is so last minute, but I just saw this exciting contest! Belle de Jour is giving away planners galore. Read on for more details!


Five winners get 2 planners each, one for the winner and another one for the person she wants to share the gift of Belle


1. Just answer the question 'Which amongst your family and friends would you love the share the gift of Belle and why?' and make a post about it in your blog.
2. Email the link to your blog at with your full name, email address and mobile number.


19 December 2008


This also serves as my entry to the Belle de Jour contest. Here is my answer:

I would love to share the gift of Belle to my niece Nicka Joy, who just entered highschool this year as a freshman. She is a very special niece whom I've seen grow from a sweet tot into a fine young lady. A Belle de Jour planner will surely help her become more organized, something that will teach her about responsibility and time management.

I'm also her ninang, and this lovely planner will make a nice stocking stuffer for her this Christmas. She will surely appreciate the gift of a Belle de Jour planner, as I surely will treasure it as a lucky charm for this coming year. Cheers!

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