Monday, December 1, 2008

Win a Moleskine Notebook from The Parody

The Great Moleskine Giveaway moves on to Sasha Manuel's The Parody. If you haven't won in the previous Moleskine contests yet, grab this chance to win one of these iconic notebooks!


Winner's Preference -- One Moleskine Sketchbook OR One Moleskine Ruled Reporter Notebook


1. The Parody invites you to "share your dreams". You can do this by leaving your answer as a comment in this post here, which will earn you 1 point.
2. You can also write about your dreams in your own blog with a link back to the contest post, which will earn you 2 points. Let her know that you're joining her contest by leaving a comment (with a link to your post) here.
3. If your post comes with photos and videos, each will earn you an extra point.
4. Every point corresponds to an entry to the raffle.


11.59PM, 08 December 2008


This also serves as my entry to The Parody's Moleskine Notebook Giveaway Contest. My dreams include:

1. Developing a PR consultancy firm within two years, specializing in lifestyle and online PR
2. Finishing a book of ekphrastic poems and getting it published
3. Being completely secure financially, with a savings figure of seven-digits (or more) in the bank
4. Travelling to Italy, Spain and France
5. And last but not the least, becoming the future Secretary General of the United Nations!

[Photo credit: Paolo de Faveri]

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